Rain in Spain

Well, we were just a little tired today. We also dominated our breakfast (Uhhh yummy toast with Nutella anyone?!)

We took the metro over to Font Màgica de montjuïc (magic fountain) even though it wasn’t doing the show today. (We managed to miss all of the markets and the fountain because of Sunday/holidays)


It is a really cool area of Barcelona and is actually right by where dad and I stayed when we were here! (Miss you!)

our old hotel
our old hotel

We then attempted to travel over to Castell de montjuïc but got semi lost in a park where much to my excitement (and then dismay when it was closed) we stumbled upon another cat cafe. I just love me some cats. Don’t worry though… I saw a few roaming around. (Kate was happy it was closed… Weirdo)

font de gato
font de gato

Unfortunately it started to rain and we couldn’t quite find the castle (seems like it would be easy right?!) and instead we turned around and went to another cafe for tea and crepes.

We hung out with the people in out hostel for a bit before Kate, Collin and I went out for dinner and gelato. We let him know it was a big deal to be invited to food with us… We take eating very serious (trip = Kate and kaytlen eat Europe 2014?)

Warm showers, packing and a little minor surgery (I have a blister -_-) later we are off to bed for our last night in Europe :(. I’m sad to leave but happy to get home to my animals. (oh and my family too I guess 😉 )

Dear mother, I really want BBQ chicken for dinner!! With an orange soda and a s’more. Little things I tell ya…

See you soon America.

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