St. Joan’s in Barcelona

23 Jun


So today we ventured over to the beaches and laid out for a while. It was great… so relaxing and just what we needed after all of the hectic travel days. No top? No problem. I may or may not have taken part of this motto that seems to be popular along the beaches here. (At least long enough to get that shot 😉 )


A light snack and sangria hit the spot before heading back over to the hostel where we quickly prepared for the busy night a head of us. It was St. Joan’s Day here so tonight we went to the beaches to celebrate with our hostel and to watch the fireworks (more like watch out for fireworks… they are legal here and children were setting them off. It was a war zone.) We got home with the sunrise but that is the point of it. There were tons of DJs on the beach and crowds everywhere. Being natives like we are we avoided the tourist areas and hung out with all of the locals. Not a big deal but it kind of is.



Oh and before you ask.. I really don’t know what the holiday is for, so google it? So what did I learn on this evening you ask? Children are even scarier that you think and never trust the Canadians in regards to your drinks…. there may not be anything left when you get it back.

Good night! (Morning?)


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