Hiking (dying) on those Swiss Alps!

19 Jun

Breakfast was pretty yummy. As long as you got the toast and not the funky oatmeal/ cereal stuff. We even got some Swiss cheese to put on our toast! We met some guys at breakfast, Grant and Nate. Who invited us to join them on their hike…

I hiked the Swiss alps everyone!

We did the Harder Kulm pass which was terrible. Beautiful, fun, but difficult. It was actually a harder level than we originally thought and we took lots of short tree stumps (code word for breaks). I forgot my inhaler in the rush because we were planing on leaving later. Lungs loved it. (Sorry mom) There was a tram that went up the mountain as well and we stood there for a minute thinking about jumping on top of it but we stuck with it and dragged on. We were pretty close to beating up some random old people who we passed (that totally took the tram up and “hiked” down. Like not event the real path, on the bike passes) to take their walking sticks. Walking sticks are a hot commodity here.


When we eventually got there {after some close mental breaks…} it was totally worth it. You could see the crystal blue lake and the famous JungFrau in the distance. It is so beautiful it looks fake like someone just slapped a poster on a wall and was like here you go tourists!


Even better than the view? Grant and I split french fries at the top. They were on point. Going back down was interesting… while we were enjoying our french fries a random hurricane like rain hit us so we took shelter at the restaurant. It lasted just long enough to throughly soak everything and make the paths wet. Don’t worry everyone… I only bit it twice going back down. Once was quite graceful, falling into a field of flowers. Next one? Not so much.. hey rocks. The rest was fun though, we sang backstreet boys and other classics and even came up with a pretty legit band name… The Tree Stump Band.


We grabbed a quick snack and rested on hammocks and lounge chairs out at the other part of our hostel which is a tent village. We went downtown to explore before heading back and watching the footballs games and dancing. (Just want to give a quick shout out to my sister… thanks to dancing with you for years I can not be lead and I always try to take the male lead.)

Hope you are all doing well!


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