18 Jun

It was sad saying bye to Mara and Alex but we are off to somewhere new again! Switzerland! I’m so excited, I have never visited here before.

The train is nice, we even have a place for cookie! I keep re-reading my note my mom wrote me before leaving. Keeps reminding me to soak up every minute I can and appreciate all the little things.

This train ride is by far the prettiest yet. We pass by different landscapes and little towns and off In the distance you can begin to see faint lines of the alps.

You have to watch out for travel days.. They can be a bit stressful and we both need to get food as soon as possible afterward. To make matters worse, I’m pretty sure cookie is on her last limb. Literally. One of her wheels stopped working and now she is dragging/ developing a hole. -_- makes travel days just that much better.


Interlocken is absolutely beautiful. Like don’t believe it’s real kind of thing. It’s a small town with bright blue water and surrounded by the alps. One downside of Switzerland though… It’s expensive.


We watched the football match between chili and Spain tonight as well (randomly a ton of chili supporters?) and pretty mad Spain choked and is out of the cup. We were banking on them playing while we were there!

So excited for hiking tomorrow 🙂


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