Bonjour Paris!

16 Jun

Sorry for posting so late! Just been busy (sleeping) at least I am all caught up now…

Today we reluctantly got out if bed, switched the laundry to dryer and ate a very quickly (so sad because the food was great)

8 hours of travel later (train and bus) we made it to Paris and were greeted by Mara and Alex who guided us back to their flat. They were so sweet and made us dinner before heading out to see the arc dr triomphe. It is so beautiful lit up at night.


This is my third tone traveling to Paris but seeing the Eiffel tower never gets old. We grabbed some desserts, bottles of wine and had an evening picnic in the park in front of it looking at the lights and watching it sparkle.


I couldn’t imagine the scene being any better than it already was sitting here with two of my best friends and the always handsome Alex.

Kate, Mara and I

Kate, Mara and I


We topped off the night with watching the USA/Ghana match (which we won. Nbd.) and are heading to bed before a busy Parisian day tomorrow!



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