Last Day in Amsterdam!

15 Jun

Surprise, surprise Kate and I missed breakfast yet again. I can’t really say I’m that sorry about it, the beds were so comfy.

At least we got out earlier than the day before. Our first stop was the grocery store where we grabbed some breakfast to eat on the square nearest to our hotel. It is a prime people watching spot. Good thing people don’t really sit near us because we probably come off creepy and strange when just talking to one another (we like to do lip curls and personify our suitcases… Cookie is a diva while little osprey is a laid back go with the flow kinda gal.)

We got to see the I AMsterdam sign next which was pretty cool but surrounded by people.. It was a little hard to get a good shot.


While there a street performance started that was pretty good and funny but to be honest our minds were on more important things like pancakes…

We passed by apparently a famous pancake place on the team over to the sign. As soon as we spotted it we made sure to keep track of the path to get back. Well worth it I tell you. Everyone around us were being so cute and sharing.. Then there was Kate and I who both ordered one giant one and pretty much licked the plates clean. (By pretty much I mean we did.)


We also found another market stuffed with cheese and tulips (who knew right?) and of course had to go from shop to shop eating all of the samples we could.

We walked by the Anne Frank house but decided to not actually go in because the que was so long and we heard a few negative reviews about it. So instead we just walked around the canal and popped into the tulip and cheese museums (sense a theme yet?!). Another quick snack and we headed back over to the hotel where we checked into our new room.

The skotel (school hotel) is so nice. We have to thank Caroline for hooking us up! Tonight’s room was Kate’s kind of camping. I don’t know if you all have met her but she is definitely the city to my country. It had a large forest back drop and a large plush bed. We just rested and waited for Caroline to return before grabbing dinner and joining her on a trip to the grocery store where we followed her around like little ducklings playing with everything new. The walk back was particularly funny because Caroline got us little Hup Holland Hamsters and Kate and I were so excited going on and on talking about them that we didn’t even notice any of the guys trying to hit on us. Priorities obviously.

I was really happy about the bed...

I was really happy about the bed…

Kate's type of camping

Kate’s type of camping

Now, best part of the day you ask? WE GOT TO DO LAUNDRY. FO FREE I TELL YOU. Jk on the best part but it was great. We stayed in watching the France/ Honduras match and learning British slang words from our new friends over Facebook all while leaving our bed as little as possible. Got to take it in while you can.

Farewell Amsterdam. I hope to return to you soon. Onto Paris!


Thoughts on Amsterdam:

Kk: Walking into the city I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.. What you hear about most are probably not the first things you want to write home to mom about. I was blown away with the atmosphere and how quickly I fell in love with this city. It lives up to it’s nickname the Venice of the north because of it’s beauty and canals being littered with boats of all shapes and sizes. Everyone, and I mean everyone, owns a bike and it is a main method of transportation here. To be honest on my bike ride I spent quite a bit of time evaluating my job options and how I could return to live here (or the UK) sorry mother.

KL: The atmosphere of Amsterdam was great to experience. While exploring the city, we soon learned that you should watch out for the bikes more than the cars. Not long after, we become one of the bikers; then, the public had to really watch out for the bikes. Riding along the canals and exploring the little shops and markets was a nice change to subways and metros for a day. Overall, our time in Amsterdam went fast, but was well spent.


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