Hup Holland Hup!

13 Jun

Woke up this morning a little tired and not up to traveling.. Unfortunately we didn’t have a choice and had to get to the rail station. Eurails are almost not worth it. It is incredibly hard to get on a fast train and near impossible to find someone who will sit down and map things out with you.
Eventually we got to Amsterdam and walked into our own piece of heaven. A real hotel (thanks momma larsen!!) we are so not use to nice things that we look like 5 year olds playing with all of the gadgets. (Our faucet turns red to blue from hot to cold including purple in the middle)
We met up with their family friend Caroline and went out for a drink to chat. (Where we saw a real life mannakin piss) Afterward we grabbed dinner and headed out to the square to watch the football match between Holland and Spain.
Hup holland hup!

We won 🙂 woo!!! Hopefully that doesn’t hurt us in Spain. We celebrated with the rest of the country and went out to the wee hours of the morning singing and dancing.
We love happiness. In all forms.



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