Bienvenue a Bruxelles!

12 Jun


Our 5am alarm clocks came painfully fast this morning. Thank goodness we were already packed and ready to go…
We had a 6:50 train out of London for Brussels and you will be proud to know we got there with plenty of time left over. (I want to know why in the world did we ever think these early morning travel reservations were a good idea) Unfortunately we didn’t get to sit together on our train over. She was lucky and got to sleep while I on the other hand stayed awake to upload the pictures I’m behind on editing/ posting. -_- I finally got them all uploaded and prepared to take a quick nap only to be teased because I forgot about the time change. Right when I started to fall asleep we arrived.

Bruxelles is a very pretty city. However, it is smaller and easy to see or do in a day. We are happy that we decided to make it a one day trip because to be honest we aren’t sure what we would really have to do tomorrow. After arriving we dropped off our stuff in our hostel and ventured towards city central where we caught a free tour. It was interesting enough, I didn’t know anything about it’s history nor it’s foundation and we also saw some really important sites on it… (Mannakin piss anyone?! *sarcasm)


Grand Place

Grand Place

We ended up bouncing half way through (the tour guide wasn’t quite keeping out attention and kept trying way to hard to be funny it became annoying) and sat in the royal park in front of the palace eating icecream. We also made it over to see the famous Atomium sculpture.


3 Belgian waffles each (some in chocolate), a basket of fries, Icecream cone, and dinner later, we returned back to the hostel to relax, get stuff done and get some sleep before traveling once again tomorrow.

when in Brussels...

when in Brussels…

Amsterdam better watch itself!

Bonne nuit!


P. S. I actually spoke some French today and made sense! Wooo!
P.P.S. Brussels kind of smells?


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