London part 3 :)

10 Jun

I would just like to confess to my mother that I broke the rules today… I took TWO croissants at breakfast when it CLEARLY says only take one. Told you, living on the wild side. #YOLO anyone?

Our hostel is adorable. It is inside an old converted building and has tons of charm and character, however, our room at night is a sauna. Not only that but our roommates go to bed at like 11:45 and turn off all the lights. Unfortunately for me we are staying in an attic room with lots of beams and I am very tall.. if you do the math you can reach the proper conclusion of what happened when I finally went to bed last night. I hit it so hard I was afraid I woke up my neighboring bunk mate.

Anyways, enough of my struggles, first stop on the itinerary was to see Buckingham Palace. (we got there a little later than planned… we were sleepy and wanted our breakfasts) We stumbled upon some random building where we found guards and while taking pictures of them we actually got to witness a changing of the guards up close and personal by accident. It was really cool, and a little silly.


When we finally got to Buckingham Palace itself they were going through their own changing of the guards and we got to see a (very) little of it.


But, the main attraction of the day was…. HARRY POTTER STUDIOS WOOOOOO!


I can’t even begin to put how amazing this tour was. Kate isn’t even a fan and enjoyed the tour and now wants to see the movies. Me, being a huge fan, totally teared up (no shame I cried a little) when it began with the videos out of pure excitement and happiness. I looked like a five year old in a candy shop walking around with my wand in hand gawking at all of the props, sets, costumes etc. Thankfully Kate was there to assist in capturing the moments. (Today was my day, hers is Wimbledon tomorrow) You know its a good day when your main problem is your hair flying into your butterbeer.  I’ll save you the novel and tell you my top 3 favorite parts of the tour…

1. Green screen flying on broomsticks/ flying car. Kate and I had a fabulous time of it, others seemed more reserved the weirdos.

2. Seeing the great hall. So much happens in here throughout the film so its amazing to see where it all took place and how much detail they put into it.

3.  Seeing the model of Hogwarts that they do their landscape shots on. It was amazing. I can’t even give it justice by description.


staring in awe, wand in hand.

staring in awe, wand in hand.


HI FRANDS. jk, I hate you.

HI FRANDS. jk, I hate you.

imageA few more tears later and we were off back to London and went to The Sherlock’s Pub (running theme?) and GOT DINNER ON OUR FIRST TRY. This was a big deal. Traditional fish and chips… same thing happened as last time I was in England though… I was noming well until I saw the weird dark skin and that was it. I got about half way so thats a job well done in my book seeing as I never eat any type of seafood. (when in London, eh?) Plus, I ate all my mushy peas and chips.


Being the exciting girls we are, we were going to try and go on a crawl tonight… nope. We were easily swayed with the temptations of iceacream and being lazy at the hostel. Sorry not sorry everyone.




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