London Day 2!

9 Jun

ello erryone!

Today was a big day from the beginning… WE ACTUALLY GOT TO EAT BREAKFAST! (not just out protein bars we brought) Our hostel served up croissants, toast with jam, and cereal! Living the dream over here.

First stop of the day was 221B Baker Street to visit the Sherlock Holmes house/museum. It was great and had a super cool set up. šŸ™‚ There were little exhibits of some of his more famous cases, letters from fans around the world (one little girl wrote “My teacher is making me write to you and you are dead. I feel so stupid. At least I will get extra credit.” That kid is going places), knickknacks, and you could put on his hats and pose. I really enjoyed it and it makes me want to re-read the stories as well as re-watch the movies.

221B Baker Street!

221B Baker Street!

Sherlock at your service

Sherlock at your service

Next stop was Camden Market which actually use to be horse stables back in the late 1800s. Today it is converted to a market full of crafts, food, clothing and a few other miscellaneousĀ shops. There are foods/stores from all over the world and represent multiple different ethnicities. We both grabbed a shirt, fresh OJ and a quick lunch while wandering around. I loved all of the giant horse sculptures within the area. I wish America had similar style markets like they offer here in Europe. šŸ˜¦

One of the sculptures in the Market

One of the sculptures in the Market

Unfortunately it looks like we missed out on seeing a play in the Globe Theatre while visiting London. So instead we took a tea and dessert break, which is always a good idea in my book. Then we decided to walk into the glorious Harrods pretending like we could afford to be there and go shopping. (Lets be real, I was too scared to go near anything…)



A quick stop to check out Neal’s Yard, which was a lot smaller than it looked like on pinterest, and returned to the Hostel to change and rest the feet for a moment.

Neal's Yard

Neal’s Yard

Not quite sure what Kate and I have done to get such terrible luck on finding dinner but its nearly impossible for us to find an open place pretty much every night on this trip so far. We eventually found an Italian place along the river Thames and ate delicious pizzas with a side of mediocre leaves, Ā “side salad” bah humbug. We tried going to find a fun place to go out for a little but it started raining and we were getting tired/ crabby and decided it would probably be a better idea to rest up and get ready for the big day tomorrow… HARRY POTTER STUDIO TOUR. I will probably cry. No shame.




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