Hallo London!

8 Jun

It was by no mean easy waking up this morning… not only that but we actuall woke up and literally through on what ever was on top of our suitcase and hailed a taxi to take us to the ferry. Only the problem was when Kate told him “Ferryport” he heard “airport” and took us the complete wrong way. He had to quickly turn around out of the traffic and speed to the ferry where we JUST made it on time. Wayyyy too close.

In order to get from Dublin to London we decided to do the sailrail through Irishferries which I highly recommend. Half ferry, half train. Really quite simple. We rode through Wales and through the outer counties of England which were beautiful per usual. On the rail we met a very friendly guy, James, from wales who is actually part of the army in the UK. He was on his way to London to go back into the barracks for more training but took the time to make sure we made it to the underground and that we knew where we were going from there. He had so many questions about how certain things worked in the USA and it was interesting going back and forth in comparisons.

A quick shower to wash away the travels and Kate and I venture out to a very romantic dinner at the local subway. Those sandwiches didn’t stand a chance. We bought our Oyster cards and were off to central London to see the city at night. She didn’t disappoint. As we walked along the river Thames the tress were lit up with blue and white christmas lights adding a magical touch to the evening.

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

Parliament and Big Ben

Parliament and Big Ben

London Eye

London Eye

The lit up trees along the path

The lit up trees along the path

On our way towards the tube an older english man started talking to us and showed us the building where the Crown Jewels were kept before transferring to the Tower of London. Very friendly but we were eager to get back to the hostel, Palmers Lodge, because we have another earlier morning tomorrow! So much to see and do in London!

Cheers! Miss you all (especially Cedric and Kitty),



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