Paddy Wagon part 2!

7 Jun

“I am loyal and constant in my love for travel, as I have not always been loyal and constant in my other loves” – eat pray love

Hiyah everyone!
Day two of the paddy wagon tour was lovely as well, we were totally spoiled by our first driver though. Today we had Eveen Murphy who was from Cork. She was very nice and informative and unfortunately for her we had this one group (really just one person) who would not stop talking… She also sang for us ( I’m pretty sure it’s a Paddy Wagon thing to do) and it was so good. The drive once again was beautiful. So much green farmland littered with cows, sheep, and stone fences. Every now and then a castle would casually pop up over the landscape, no big deal.

Our first little rest stop was located in “stab city” or the locals call it Limerick, Ireland. The unfortunate nickname came from a few years back when stab binges happened quite frequently due to the government trying to situate all the travelers (gypsies) in one place. However, they forgot that very few traveler groups get along. They all kind of moved in and started killing each other off, whoops. At least the phase died out, or one group prevailed, and now they are gaining a better reputation.

view of Limerick/ King John's Castle

view of Limerick/ King John’s Castle

Limerick is also a city that has the Shannon river flowing through and was founded by the Vikings way back in the day. Where they use to control the land now stands King Johns castle built in 1209 when the Anglo-Normans (Britain) came over and took control. Driving by you could see it was built for war because the windows were tiny little slits.

Next was a little town named Doolin where we stopped for lunch. We ate at Fitz Patrick Pub and ate some good old “meat and potatoes”. But let me tell you… It was delicious. I choose the beef and Kate opted for chicken. Both plates were decked out with cooked veggies and cabbage as well as a mound of potatoes. We stuffed our faces and cleared our plates pretty quickly.

We took a little detour to the “mini cliffs” which were located in a place where apparently over 75% of the flora/ fauna species in Ireland are located. They were
Amazing. It’s crazy to think of how old these rocks really are!

mini cliffs

mini cliffs

The big stop of the day was the Cliffs of Moher. They. Were. Awesome. Like true to the word awe-inspiring.

Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher


Kate and I were rebels and hopped over the surrounding wall (more of a careful step over really) to take pictures.

Some idiot tried showing off for the girls he was with and attempted to jump over the wall… He failed. He caught himself on the wall and almost bit it off the cliffs. I just stepped to the side, I wasn’t going down with him. (Even more unfortunate that the entire group ended up on the bus we switched to and would not shut up… I thought Kate was going to kill them.)

Our poor Bus driver John just didn’t have a great group to work with. He seemed friendly but couldn’t get any response from the bus… We did have a limerick contest for passing through Limerick. Kate rhymed 2 lines and stopped trying haha. Here is my literary piece…

The lovely Cliffs of Moher
Are they dangerous or
Are you just dumb
And jump for fun
never to be seen anymore.

One for the books I realize. A quick stop in Bunratty before returning back to Dublin where we found a place serving salads (after walking all over trying to find a stupid salad we got back to our hostel and literally 2 stores over in the opposite direction we found salads -_-)

Bunratty Castle

Bunratty Castle

In our Hostel, Abbey Court, we stayed in a 12 bedroom mix where we met David from Spain (“I fix dis” he kept saying about our cages where the suitcases/ bags were SUPPOSE to go… Cookie is a diva and refused to fit. “Nobody puts cookie in a cage”) and a fun group from Georgia Tech who were studying abroad. Together we all went out, starting out at the pub where we found the salads purely because the bartender was very attractive. Next we traveled over a pub named “The Vat” which all of the “vits” go according to Kate. (Vit = very important traveler a term Kate coined earlier in the day when we accidentally found our way into staff only territory in Bunratty.. Whoops) It was a fun place with live music and a laid back feel. The real importance of the Vat is where we met Paul the bartender. He was great, super cute typical Irish guy. (Kate said they looked too related so she got dibs on first bartender) After one new place, and a quick last stop in Vat, Kate and I headed back to the Hostel for a very short night of sleep before traveling to London tomorrow!

“Such small girls drinking pints” said the sweetest lady ever.

Tips for fellow travelers: brita filter wattle bottle is a game changer, paddy wagon tours were awesome and a great way to see a lot in a little amount of time, both main hostels were very accommodating, centrally located and clean (Four Courts Hostel & Abbey Court), if you are lost or confused look at the maps inside a store and not on the street = easy prey and last grab a card with the address where you are staying before leaving to explore

Thoughts about Ireland:

Kaytlen: Ireland is a beautiful, beautiful country. And those accents… Fabulous. *swoon* Dublin was fun and definitely interesting to explore but at the end it was another large city. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed my stay and would return but I feel as though the best way to experience Ireland would to be to rent a car or jump on tours like we did. You can see the green countryside and explore smaller towns which is where you can get the more cultural feel.

Kate: From the countryside and cliffs to the winding city streets, Ireland carries a historic, charming character. While Dublin was fun to explore, my true appreciation of Ireland came from the views along our tour through Blarney, Cork, and Moher. If I were to do it again, I would spend more time in one of the smaller towns we stopped at along the way to get a better feel of the local culture. What I wouldn’t change is touring the Guinness factory within four hours of landing in Dublin. What a way to get into character!

Hope you are all doing well.



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