Paddy Wagon Day 1!

6 Jun

Ello everyone!

So today was so much fun despite being poured on constantly. Kate and I woke up nice and early to meet up with our tour group through Paddy Wagon. Our driver, Tiernan, was really nice and sterotypically irish. Red hair, pale skin and don’t forget that accent! (also my favorite part about him is when he was discussing all of the religious troubles Ireland has been through between protestants and catholics he declaed himself a Jedi) He was super knowledgable about the history and made it interesting to listen to. A few things we learned on our bus ride…

– True meaning of Black and Tans as well as the civil war history/ independence treaty from Britain

-When England took more control over Ireland they renamed a lot of the cities to be phonetically correct to the English language

-When England’s queen or king couldn’t pronounce an Irish city name they renamed it simply to King’s Land or Queen’s land. After the independence Ireland reversed all the cities back to their original Irish names.

-Cobh, pronounced cove, was actually a cove settled by England soldiers who creatively named it… Cove. Also the story behind it was that when changing back the names the Irish didn’t have an original name for the area so they did what the British did and changed the name to be phonetically correct in the Irish language.

-Information on gypsies

-How to understand Irish license plates (year-county-#made)


The drive through the countryside was beautiful. Everything was so green and fresh! Tiernan was listening to Irish music on the way over and if I learned anything from this trip it was to like the music. I was apparently mindlessly editing pictures to the beat of the music while Kate laughed at me.

Our first stop was Cobh which was the last port city of the Titanic before it headed out into the Atlantic Ocean (there is a museum now located in the original white star line building.) On our way into the city, the road we were travelling along was actually the main passage of immigration during the famine in the late 1800s.


It poured on us the entire time walking around but it was worth it. We checked out their cathedral, small shops, and got tea/coffee in the Titanic cafe. And of course.. I managed to find a kitty to love on.

St. Colmans Cathedral

St. Colmans Cathedral


Next stop was Corcaigh or Cork where we found a little marketplace and grabbed sandwiches for lunch before heading over the the main site of the day.. The Blarney Castle!

Blarney Castle!

Blarney Castle!

The Blarney Castle is a defensive style castle and home to the famous Blarney Stone. Don’t you worry, Kate and I hiked up through the rain and the castle and kissed that bad boy. Eloquent speech here we come! Jk, I still can’t talk straight.

Kate kissing the stone!

Kate kissing the stone!

Me kissing old Blarney

Me kissing old Blarney

Also the Blarney Castle has a garden to the side called “The Poison Garden” so of course Kate and I had to check it out because what says friendship more than a poison garden?

Poison Garden

Poison Garden

Our last stop with Tiernan was when he dropped us off back in Cork city at our hostel for the night, but before we got there, we had a lovely sing-a-long to some famous Irish songs as well as Fresh Prince. Being soaked to the bone, we were all about finding a hot dinner (which we found! Beef and Guinness Stew yummm!) and showers. Getting ready for bed because tomorrow starts early again!

Sláinte! (Irish for Cheers)



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