Dublin – a haon

5 Jun

Dia Dhuit!

Ahh! We are here in Ireland! Kate and I arrived around 7:15am, home’s 2:15am, and much to my dismay my phone refused to work on the global system. (Its ok though, hours later dad saved the day). We caught a bus and headed towards The Four Courts Hostel were we are staying for the night.


Since our room wasn’t ready we dropped off our things and walked over towards the Guinness Storehouse.


Barley, Hops, Water,  Yeast and of course Arthur we learned are the 4 important parts of the beer. The museum was nicely laid out and on the 4th floor we were issued where we learned how to pour the perfect pint and then made our own. We even got certificates! I like to make my mom proud… (Look I graduated!)


We then got to take our perfect pints up to the top floor called the gravity bar. It is a 360* glass walled bar where you can see all of Dublin from!


Next we ate lunch at a local cafe and tried Boxty’s (pretty much a patty of hashbrowns… Irish love their potatoes) After we walked around the Medieval section and saw Christchurch as well as the Dublin Castle.

Christ Church

Christ Church

Dublin Castle Garden

Dublin Castle Garden

The castle didn’t really seem all is was said to be. It was modernized and didn’t have much to offer about tours on the history. We checked back into the hostel (and then proceeded to check out our eyelids) before heading over to St. Patricks Cathedral.

St. Patricks Cathedral

St. Patricks Cathedral

It was beautiful! We got to walk inside and while we were looking around the chorus began to warm up for their evening service (the chorus was founded in the 1400s!) After the tour Kate and I grabbed icecream cones and sat in the neighboring park enjoying the beautiful day.

After one more nap we walked over to the Brazen Head Pub for dinner which is the oldest pub in Ireland! It was founded in 1198! America wasn’t even around then…


While strolling around the river we ran into some friends than we met on the plane over who are also backpacking! Together we went to the ever popular Temple Bar and explored the area surrounding.

Now we are back meeting some new people but about to hit the hay because we have an early morning tomorrow!

Hope you are all doing well!



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