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When in Amsterdam….

14 Feb

Kate and I had THE hardest time crawling out of our glorious bed. We even skipped out on our free breakfast just for that extra hour and a half of bed.

It was a nice day so we rented some bikes to roll around “the Venice of the north” or “the bike city” and caught a boat tour to ride around trying to get an understanding of the area. Barely 5 minutes into the tour our boat was smashed into by another tour line. Everyone was perfectly fine just kind of a funny story.


It truly is a beautiful city. We biked and found a street market on Waterloo where we found Kate’s PERFECT wedding dress. Only for 10 euro! What a steal. (Now we just have to find the perfect man to go along with it. Hopefully he is just a tad (or a lot) better than the dress)


We grabbed a snack (one of many) and I tried poffertjes which are mini Dutch pancakes buttered and sprinkled with powdered sugar. They were SO good.

ze bike and I

ze bike and I

We had to get the bikes back by a certain time so we dropped them off and took the tram to the very well know red light district. Don’t worry mother I only went at midnight (middle of the afternoon) and wore my shortest dress (I was really in jeans and a jacket). To be honest I was a little disappointment by the lack of sleazy-ness. True there were the girls in the windows and the multiple variations of specialty shops but at the same time there were a lot of fun restaurants and people with strollers walking around. We grabbed a quick dinner there in front of a RESTAURANT window that was perfect for people watching.

Back to the hotel where we stayed in the lovely Caroline’s room, we took a quick nap and got ready to head back out on the town.

We went back to the same pub as the night before where we met three very nice British guys (Ryan, Matt and Ollie) who we sat with while watching England’s football match. Unfortunately, they didn’t have quite the same luck as Holland had the night before. They were a lot of fun! We stayed up talking, building coaster “towers” and flipping cards. When leaving, they said something about pizza, and Kate and I never pass up a good snack opportunity, so we walked with them on quite possibly the longest pizza quest ever. At least when we got there Ollie paid. Free pizza? Yes please.

Ended up being a later night than originally expected but fun none the less 🙂 Needless to say we were very happy to crawl into our beds when we returned.

Goodnight world!