Traveling once again, COLORADO

6 Jan

Back to adventures with my roommate Mary! So Mary and I regrettably probably did not get enough sleep last night due to our excitement to travel (really hers.. i was excited but easily could have gone to bed) anyways we woke up nice and early and went to the airport only to be stressed out by the baggage check lady who was barking at everyone for being late when the reality of the situation was she just stunk… even the guys taking our checked luggage where rolling their eyes and making fun of her. We sprinted, thinking we were going to be late for our flight and sat on the plane for a good half an hour… thanks lady.

The flight went smoothly, if not a little cramped (smallish plane and every seat taken) and we were lucky to sit by, a very nice, but super chatty woman who Mary and I were afraid would talk our ears off the entire flight.

Once in Denver and the lane landed the scenery was awesome. On one side of the plane you could see the rockies and on the other completely flat for miles. The rush began again to locate our luggage and check into our shuttle taking us to the condo location.

View from the shuttle!

View from the shuttle!

The condo is SUPER adorable and has a view of the mountains. We went for a little walk with the dog and got to step on REAL SNOW. I was a little too excited about that. But we went to get Mary’s skis and are in for the evening I’m sure tomorrow will come too soon.

love, k




our cute little condos

our cute little condos


our view during our walk

our view during our walk



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