7 Jun


ahh i can’t believe its almost here. i love europe but I’m tired and can’t wait to see everyone! (plus the ice, water, free refills, vegetables, fruit, etc.)

The girls and I all woke up this morning and went down to breakfast in our fine looking pjs before beautifying and heading out to go watch the morning practice of the Spanish Lipizzaner Riding School.

the horses were beautiful! and so well trained (daddy i want a pony!) they did their pretty little steps and dance moves while i just watch eyes wide from above. unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take pictures. we had some time to kill before our final MENU item and walked around the city, grabbed lunch, and then grabbed a delicious ice-cream before just sitting and people watching until about 2:30 win we headed back to the Riding school to go on our tour. we got to see the stables, walking ring, and (kristen you would have drooled) beautiful and well kept tack room. not to mention the horses have the right lifestyle there. they eat and drink out of granite bowls with fountains and expensive shavings. (cool thing about Lipizzaners they are born black and turn white as they age). another fact of these expensive horses is that they are insure for 1 million when they travel.

Tack room!

After we went back to the hotel (where mary and i passed out quickly making everyone EXCEPT BRITTANY leave without us) we came to around 5:30 and the three of us ventured over on the Ubahn and found our appropriate tram to go to the vineyard where we were going to meet the entire group for our “final supper”. the little town we were in was ADORABLE i wish the professors told us about it earlier when things were open (today was a holiday so no stores were open). and dinner was delicious per usual.

after we thanked the professors and a group of us went back to the hotel where we changed and went to a late night excursion to the carnival. how dare the professors not tell us about this little gem of a place! I even went on ecstasy for the first time and felt very sick afterwards…… (haha its the name of a ride but I’m serious about the feeling sick part) and then on this GIANT swing thing which was super high but had great views of vienna from the top. I even got cotton candy and a soda. noms. we then went inside this fun house which lived up to its name with obstacles and twists and turns and illusions ahha. we had THE BEST TIME and best last night.

then we came back where mary and i very unenthusiastically packed our bags (we were tired and just wanted to sleep) and went to bed FOR THE LAST TIME TOGETHER 😦 sniff.

see you all soon!


Mary says: The inner part of Vienna was a lot like the other big cities we went to, so we knew what to expect in terms of our surroundings but that made us focus more on what were going to see such as the the Albertina museum where I found one of my favorite artists Gustav Klimt. His drawing “the kiss” is famous around Vienna- Kaytlen got an image of a cat spin off in one of the shops! It was great watching the Lippizaner horses work in the morning sessions, they are absolutely gorgeous, especially the younger ones (under the age of 10) because they are still a dark grey. I was not impressed with the wiener schnitzel, it just seemed like breaded meat whether it was pork or veal. They do love their pistachio ice cream here though and that was delicious! I never thought I would have a chance to go to Austria and now I have. 🙂

I thought austria was really pretty especially when you get to see the outskirts of the city. is a very interesting culture and i love all the history of the rulers (especially the habsburg line). they also have delicious ice-cream and love their techno in europe! i recommend the goulash to anyone who visits the germanic restaurants and to take time to go to the museums where it displays stuff that isn’t very common in the US. If i came back to Austria i would love to go out on the mountains and find smaller towns with the culture there.

KRISTEN: i tried so hard but i could find the large pretzel to eat and make you jealous…. you got lucky this time.


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