6 Jun


not that i was excited or anything… we went through the schönbrunn palace which was very pretty. (they had a smaller version of the hall of mirrors like versailles) and then went on a tour of the carriage house. There we learned of princess “sissi” (who’s freaking waist was 19 inches with hair down to her ankles) who is portrayed as a barbie for little girls but in all actuality seemed to possess a very dark personality.

schönbrunn palace

after mary and i branched out (what else is new) and found a small cafe where we had a yummy lunch (ham and cheese grilled! i seem to have some form of it in every country) and then climbed up this MOUNTAIN (ok real a hill but still) to see the view from the top of the grounds and check out the schönbrunn gloriette.


walking back to the U bahn station we passed a really cool street artist who did paintings that look 3D (and are a little) and of course i had to pick up a version of a cat in the moonlight. not obsessed i promise. Back at the hotel we changed, IT WAS WARM FOR ONCE, and went back out into the city. we went souvenir shopping and i spent way to much money in a certain shop… oh gosh. after cringing at the amount we spent we went to a delicious dinner back at cafe mozart and got chicken Cesar salad and a nice strawberry moose cake thing for desert. (specific i know). we decided we were going to be productive and do one of our MENU items instead of waiting till the last day and walked across the street to the Albertina museum which was displaying art works of Klimt and Monet as well as other contemporary artists.

cool monet stairs

I loved the drawings by Klimt! they were amazing. i always really liked art but never fully appreciated it till this museum in general. his artwork was so detailed and portrayed emotion very well. I also love the Monet paintings and also saw works of art by…. caillebotte, signac, vlaminck, marc, schmidt-rottluff, and many others. we stayed in there for about 2 hours and then walked around the city before going on an adventure to find the ferris wheel of vienna… we found it and also stumbled upon a magic carnival of techno. we finally found Vienna’s nightlife. it was so cool! there were rides and food everywhere! mary and i walked around super excited and vowed that we have to come back with the others the next day.

Getting back to our hotel we showered (did i tell you we have an amazing like waterfall shower head?!) and hung out with the group before going to bed.




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