5 Jun

so.. i think its about time that mary and i need some space. no its not in the bad way! we still get along great (and i think the only ones not to get frustrated at all at each other come to think of it…) no. it all has to do with our sleeping. she has been known to pet me thinking I’m her cat at night and i have lately been assuming my half of the bed is not twin size but full and stretch my legs in my sleep right on top of her. not that she notices.

The best example by far showing that we are too close now is that mary has been sleep talking for the later part of our trip due to how exhausted she is… lately i have caught my self (like half asleep) RESPONDING in the night talk gibberish to her gibberish. oh gosh what have we become.

breakfast is quite uneventful here just like prague which is a disappointing end to the deliciousness we once experienced. this morning we went on a walking tour of the historic district of vienna. it was cold and very windy and to say the least we were miserable, absolutely miserable. like its all very interesting but i think we (and i feel free to talk for the group) have hit a wall on the tours. they are interesting and everything but we are tired of a 2 hour tour taking 4 hours and all the note taking involved which takes away the time we could be listening more intensely or taking in the surroundings.

ANYWAYS the tour took us through a lovely part of the area and saw the habsburg’s palace as well as multiple statues and memorials. we also passed by the Lipizzaner stables! we even watched them walk our to go to practice. I’m super excited because we got tickets for thursday to go on a walking tour of the lipizzaners and are also going to sit in at their morning practice.

After we went to a (very heavy) lunch where we had a terrible waitress but delicious food. I got another goulash (this one was much spicier and had potatoes). also on the menu we could order bread and they brought us BASKETS for each order and we were all like YES YUM. no. we had to pay by the piece which she neglected to tell us. butthead. obviously i just wasn’t a fan of her. but our tea hit the sport.. i have never been so happy to see earl grey.

after we walked around shops and found a chocolate shop, which i was extremely excited about. (everyone who knows me knows i have an extreme sweet tooth) and then headed back to the hotel to take a nap before getting ready to go to our concert. of course because of our nap we missed dinner and EVERYTHING freaking closes at like 6:30 here (vienna isn’t known for the night life) so mary and i had a lovely dinner of sesame seed

Tonight we got tickets to go see the Wiener Hofburg Orchester (Orchestra) perform inside the Hofburg Palace. It was a beautiful room which had ornate decorations and artwork. The orchestra itself performed wonderfully and i loved the drummer who did all the funny parts he was such a character.

After our group finally took a group shot and walked back to the metro…

Mary and I of course got distracted by a cafe that was actually open at the promise of food. it was “Mozart’s Cafe” how fitting after the concert we just attended. we had a FANTASTIC waiter this time. he was an older gentleman and just laughed at mary and I. We excitedly ordered salads (we weren’t that hungry by this point and were thrilled at th thought of vegetables) and SCARFED them down once they landed in front of us. of course a lovely healthy salad cannot be complete without a giant desert to split. we ordered this super yummy desert which was strawberries, yogurt, and vanilla/ strawberry ice-cream. it also came with a side of wafers (as you can imagine it didn’t last long either. the waiter was so funny though when he brought out the desert he was like”typical girls, ordering the small salad and then the large desert for two” while chuckling.

we meandered through the streets for a bit before heading back to our hotel.

mother aren’t you proud? i was out a night instead of in bed (you weirdo) 🙂

goodnight vienna


p.s. dear family, I’m terribly sorry but i don’t think the chances of me making it home are very likely. vienna’s cars seem to take aim at me and its a matter of time before i am hit (somehow i managed the uk where they drive on the other side of the street but can’t make it here)

miss us?


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