3 Jun

Last night recap… my roomie was the sick and dying one this time (BOO!) and unfortunately stayed in while the rest of us wandered over to the main square beside the astrological clock. We found dinner at this super cute out door restaurant which had fantastic food and a really funny waiter. A girl in our group is allergic to gluten products (poor her…) and was trying to tell him that she was allergic to wheat. He this gave her this super confused face and asked her to repeat that. After she did he smiled and laughed and said “oh I thought you said weed! I was just going to say we don’t sell that here” haha. We then wandered over to the clock itself where we were to meet the guys for the “Druken Money” pub crawl. Classy I know. (Don’t

worry got a free tshirt!) we had so much fun i met multiple people from the states, Canada and other countries! Crawls are a great way to get out there and meet new people for all you fellow travelers. This was really fun because it was a younger age group and there were games and great music. One of the pubs we went to actually was an old communist pub? (I thought that was illegal then…) and had all sorts of communist propaganda from the time including creepy uniforms and such. Of course being us and having no sense of time whatsoever we stayed out past the metro closing time YET AGAIN. Luckily prague is really easy to navigate and kinda on the smaller side so we just walked back to our hotel and conveniently passed out. (YAY CHRISTIE FOR HAVING A MAP)

Dobrý Den!

Ahh I cannot believe it is the last day of prague already! This city is literally amazing.

After getting in late last night I was not in the mood WHATSOEVER to be waking

up early to go take care of my Menu item for the city so when the 3 other girls came knocking on my door shortly after 9:00 am (and did not get the message of us not answering the door = ignoring you.. love you guys!) I KINDLY answered and said no thankyou and promptly got back in bed till like 10:30. Mary and I then woke Dan up (he was on our side about the whole morning thing) and went to find lunch. We ate at the same place we mary and I ate at on the first night however instead of eating in the basement we upgraded to the actually ground level! Go us! I got a lovely Bulgarian cheese sandwich and grapes and a 5 freaking dollar piece of cake. (I made just to eat every sprinkle on that thing.) we then went on a quest to find a seemingly non existent leather goods shop which mary was dying to go to only to find it closed on Sundays. Well played. Well played.

We then finally sucked it up and walked over to the Jewish Quarter to do our Menu item for Prague and bought our ticket to the synagogues and old cemetery. One of the old synagogues have been converted into a memorial and along the walls are the names of the Czech Jewish citizens that were killed due to the holocaust. 800,000 names were along those walls. I know to you it only seems like a number and like you are probably like wow that’s a big number but it doesn’t exactly register. No. I saw all those names and for the first time it really hit me the actual size of this massive crime. All 800,000 of those people had smiles and personalities and families only to be grouped together under one title and killed for no just reason. It was amazing just to see all the names in tiny writing which literally took over all the walls in the building. In the attic of this synagogue there were actual preserved children’s drawings in the nazi camps. You see their interpretation of their surroundings and the little ones are obviously so naïve and as the artist’s age increased you can see their pictures becoming darker in context. It was all really moving.

After this we were led though the old cemetery behind this synagogue. There were graves upon graves in there! I have no idea where all the bodies are they must just be like stacked on top of each other in the ground. It was a really cool sight.

After looking around the Jewish Quarter the 3 of us went back to the clock (Dan needed a snack as he was ALREADY starving again) and sat and enjoyed the lovely day as we watched the pigeons play their own form of soccerish thing throwing around the bread pieces and running after them. Also, mating pigeon dances are really funny… just saying. We also went and loved on the carriage horses 🙂 mine was nuzzling up a storm and kept liping me and shoving me over. ha

We then went to get our final souvenir shopping done and went to dinner which I got the Czech tradition of Goulash! Its like a beef stew (in a breadbowl!) and was delicious. I scraped it clean.


The other girls somehow stalked us out and we went for icecream, saw a really cool band preform in the streets, and walked back over to Charles Bridge. After getting across I realized I left my bag of purchases in the icecream shop which mary and dan were kind enough to join my run back to. (I got lucky there were still there!) we then were planning on heading back to the bridge to see it light up but it began to sprinkle and we thought better and turned around. We got lucky though and instead got to watch the astronomy clock strike 9:00 and watch the (creepy) animated characters do their thing and listen to the trumpet and bells.

We then stopped at McDonald’s (of course) before boarding the metro back to our hotel. Now im doing whatever I possibly can (including fighting the shower) to avoid addressing the large issue at hand… packing. But unfortunately I think I ran out of excuses.

Final countdown til home!

Vienna Tomorrow, Miss everyone lots


Mary Says: When we first went into the city, we were completely astounded. We felt like this was what we were waiting for the whole time. It was beautiful. The streets are cobblestones. Actual cobblestones. And there is this beautiful bridge on the way into the old town area called Charles Bridge that has these gorgeous statues lining it. Aside from the fact that our hotel was slightly ghetto (trying to make the shower work was cute) Prague was one of the best experiences on the trip. Our excursion to Lidice, while humbling, was even more impressive because we were able to see some of the country outside of the city limits and its beautiful! It has rolling fields that lead up to hills lined in green. I can’t wait to visit Vienna, where we’ll get some real mountains.

My thoughts on prague are probably quite obvious. I LOVE IT. Its definitely one of my favorites. Here and London. It’s a capital city but still has that old world, and small town feel which is adorable. They have an interesting history and a freaking castle! Who doesn’t love that!? But in all seriousness its beautiful and is exactly what you imagine a city in Europe to be like, including cobble streets and horse drawn carriages. I HIGHLY recommend anyone and everyone to visit this beautiful and historic city. Also its smaller and you only need a few days to master the city and see all the sights so it could always be a layover site! Anyways. Thumbs up for here I have only good to share about it. OH and when you visit try to stay in the central city area (not the ghetto like us) because metro passes are unnecessary. Everything is so close and convient!


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