2 Jun

so… today was sad.

We started off the day early and going to a former fortress turned nazi camp/jewish prison named Terezin. It was terrible to see the conditions that they had to live through. Another terrible thing we learned about this fortress was that the red cross actually got wind of what was happening in this location and demanded to come see what was going on. they were denied a few times until eventually they were allowed. however, only during the 3 times they visited were the conditions ideal. They made the jews play soccer, put on a concert, laugh and read, and do whatever they pleased to look like the comforts of home. when the red cross left each time the jews used during this time were usually sent off to death camps and a few were allowed to stay in the terrible conditions there. So many other terrible things went on at this location but i won’t focus on that.

memorial to the prisoners

Next we went to the FORMER site of a town called Lidiche. during the second WW a very high commander, Heydrich, was assassinated but a group of individuals. Supposedly one was linked back to this town i mentioned above. Hitler was angered so much by this event he ordered the town to be obliterated. like ALL gone. they were invaded (btw this is a very small town which seemed as though they had no real influence from or on anyone else) one day and separated into groups of men, women, and children. The men were lined up and every single one of them were shot with no blindfold or explanation. The women were boarded on a train to a labor camp miles away. The children were split up once again… the ideal (blond hair blue eyes) were sent off to be adopted by other german families while the rest were sent on a bus. they wrote letters to other family members which were sent asking for food or clothes.. unfortunately before the letters could reach the receivers all the children were gassed and killed. Really it was all very depressing. and on top of everything it recently was found out this small town was not linked at all… the assassinators were British.

memorial to the children

behind us should have been the town

Now we are back and about to take a nap. Then some of us will be going out to dinner and spending the night out on the town as a group. sadly i don’t know if mary will be joining since she has a cold (and is a mess) and i wanted to stay with her (which she isn’t allowing) which probably would be better for me but my MOTHER (what?!) told me i need to go out and experience the night life in prague especially since i didn’t do anything in Berlin.. (sorry i was dying mom)




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