Dresden and PRAGUE!

31 May

so we woke up today, a little better then usual, and went down to breakfast. I ate my mini berliners (delicious jelly filled doughnuts oh heyyyy) and boarded the bus. The countryside was beautiful, for what i saw before i passed out, and i woke up in a cute city by the name of Dresden, Germany.


It was the last german city to be bombed during the war and was highly controversial during the time. unfortunately many beautiful buildings were destroyed but are now well on there way to being completely restored. Here is the castle of Frederick I or Augusta the strong (what they called him in Poland). It was a very interesting tour and then we had an hour to wander around and eat… and thats exactly what mary and i did. we somehow stumbled upon another little austrailian place ate lunch there and then wandered over to the “best ice-cream in the town” as the tour guide put it. MAN IT WAS YUMMY! it is chocolate ice-cream mixed with rosemary it gave it a refreshing taste and took away the richness of the chocolate. By this time we were to board back on the bus to continue on to Prague which i promptly fell back asleep on.

our yummy chocolate rosemary ice-cream!


When entering the area i saw thousands of adorable buildings and houses. its literally out of like a picture book here. we got to our hotel, which I’m VERY happy to say has FREE WIFI, and then went to the metro for our first crash course. We took it to the center of the city of prague and then were left to wander on our own. IM IN LOVE. Prague is beautiful and was on the outskirts of the line of war so lays untouched on its historical beauty. I literally could not take it in and believe my own eyes. it was like busch gardens with like plaster building fronts only these are real! and stretch on and on… but let me stop drooling over how AMAZING this place is.

Mary and I went to dinner at an authentic czech restaurant which had an art nouveau architectural style. it was so pretty and the food was good too! i had some form of beef soup (I’m feeling better but my throat is still killing me) and make got a czech cheese plate (which i sampled every kind of as well). the waiter seemed to be judging me for not ordering like 4 course meal but whatever. also at the restaurant there was an accordion player doing live music for the people dining. oh and with the check you were given complementary shots that you were expected to take… in my mind i was like only if my mother was here i would like to see her take it 🙂

After mary and I finished our meal we wandered around the city and gift shops… let me just say i don’t think prague is going to be fair to my budget… and i somehow managed to find a super cute ice-cream shop on one of the side streets. I’m digging the raspberry ice-cream over here! by this time it was late and we got back to the metro (NOT BEFORE I FOUND WATER!! YAY!) and now about to take out night medicine, not that we really need any help sleeping.

yay hydration! i miss water..

I LOVE ME SOME PRAGUE like I’m so excited to get out and explore more. plus now that I’m feeling better i want more adventures at night to report back to you all.

dobrou noc!



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