30 May


i missed her.

we saw a shirt today and christie pointed it out “Bad decisions make good stories” but what they don’t say is “those good stories make very sick children”

After both being very reluctant to climb out of bed today mary and I managed to make it to breakfast and change. We then went on a quest for a pharmacy to find drugs to make us feel better. We were so lucky! we found an angel of a man who spoke very good english (we didn’t understand a freaking box in the entire place) we told him our symptoms (while he kinda gave me a pitiful look… i know i looked rough) and he gave us stuff for both day and night. we thanked him and when it was my turn to pay i think he took pity on me and told me to take my medicine right then and there and he grabbed mary and I water cups from the back so we could take our pills and then told us to feel better as we left.

at this point in the day i was on like 3 different medications at once so i was feeling GREAT but possibly a little out of it…

my water and drugs! i was so happy

We took our medicine back to the hotel and then got on the s-bahn towards museum island. so here we are minding our own business on the train (me happily delirious staring out the window in my own drugged up world) and BOOM crazy german man shouts something behind us terrifying me putting me in poor christies lap. we thought he was done but no apparently he had a lot more to say. he starts yelling furiously in german behind us and then starts screaming in this poor older woman’s ear who is obviously not with him and it is quite evident that they are not together. She takes it like a champ ignoring him and then a women in her 30s on the other side away from us starts talking to him to district him from the elder woman and then he swings at this poor girl! (he looks normal but at his point i think we all decided and agreed he was not set well in the mind.) so then some savior of a guy pushes the girl to the side to keep her away from the crazy man and grabs mr. crazy and puts him in a headlock. (he is very calm about all of this in the mean time.) all of the sudden this guy is still ranting and manages to get out of it pushing back the guy. men from all around the train from different groups stand up, like there were business men, travelers etc all different backgrounds, and surround him to keep him away from the rest of us until we got to the next stop. (which was our stop but we conveniently just stayed on the train to the next knowing we could still get to the museum.) they pushed him off the train and all of then got off to watch him and get the police. the three of us were all taken aback during this entire time and i still am not quite sure what happened. after he got off the train i talked with the elderly woman, knowing no german i just looked concerned and asked if she was ok by giving he a thumbs up, but she nodded looked relieved that someone asked.

it was a very interesting ride.

We got off and went to the museum of arts, which was quite a bore. I’m surprised they let us out in public. I’m drugged up on medications zoning out and can’t hear anything staring blankly into space while mary is like trotting around exhausted and like falls down the stairs and then christie gets like lost in the museum wandering around going in circles. we were a hot mess.

we then attempted to go to the brandenburg gate… failed miserably its cold out and we missed a turn and all being sick we gave up and went back to the hotel ha. on the way we stopped at a pastry shop (the other two already grabbed sandwiches) and i was having a terrible time breaching the language gap. i had 3 people around me trying to help me and i ended up with only some kind of plain bread… whatever. we went back to the hotel and took a short nap and now just found a super cute little cafe that has, get this, FREE WIFI, but it closes soon which still probe means i will have to buy an hour later. so over it. Mary, dan and I (hopefully christie!!) are going to the beer garden one last time to get our german food and call it a night.

Miss everyone!

Prague tomorrow šŸ™‚


Mary: HI! so kaytlen and i are one step from death but the nice pharmacist man gave us cold meds today so hopefully we will be feeling better for prague. I loved berlin, its much more causal than london or paris. their sausages are suspicious though… my favorite was the beer gardens, not just because of what they serve but the atmosphere is so pretty, its like an outside picnic with little lights and it was on the water šŸ™‚ its been my favorite so far we will see what Prague and Vienna have to bring, I am getting awfully tired of crazy city people.

So my thoughts on berlin… its a lovely city but looks just like any city at home but with German everywhere. I feel like to get an actual feeling of the German culture your best bet would be to travel elsewhere in the country. Beer gardens are really cool though! I really feel as though my dad and sister would like this country a lot. The food made no sense to me so i really enjoyed some pretzels while i was here. People are dressed more casually here which was actually a relief then constantly being judged by the city people. Germany is nice and green though! Berlin was kind and not so kind to me. it is the city where i actually died with my sickness but it also allowed me to heal and hopefully be more prepared for the last two countries to come! London is still my favorite though. Unfortunately no tasting the night life here šŸ˜¦ later on though!


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