28 May

ello everyone!

So today we woke up and ventured on the S-bahn to the Pergamon museum which was actually really cool (mary didn’t think so though) we got to see the Ishtar gate and old ruins of the temple consecrated to the gods zeus and athena.

Ishtar gate

ruins of the temple

After mary and I found an Australia restaurant (?) and ate there. it was pretty good but not the best so far by any means. we then followed the river to the Reichstag which is the parliament building for Germany.

We were allowed inside and had a tour. It was really cool and simple. there was no pictures or anything up which could sway sides and give a favor to anyone. up top there was a glass dome that you can go in and see great views of the entire city.

Unfortunately i had to go home early because I was so sick making this a shorter post today…

Mary came and got me and then we went to dinner with nicole and dan at a German restaurant. the food was so yummy i wish i could just appreciate it more.

After we got ice-cream and talked in the hotel. It was a low key day but in all honestly i probably needed it.

Miss you all!



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