27 May

Guten Tag!


I stole internet off of dan… THANKS.

Breakfast is delicious here as well! I’m determined its just a Europe thing… get with the picture US. This morning we went on a walking tour of Berlin. We passed the Museum Island, Charlie checkpoint, part of the Berlin Wall that is still standing, and tons of spots dealing with WWII and the cold war. It was interesting and all however… originally this tour was to be 2 ½ hours to 3… over 4 hours later we ended. Walking the entire time and dying of thirst and hunger at this point…. I’m pretty sure Mary was going to chop someone’s head off. She was not a happy camper to say the least. Everyone was at each other’s throats (luckily my cold or whatever it is takes away my extreme hunger so I was fine watching from the outside) so we all ended up splitting into our own groups.

war memorial

Mary, Dan and I of course didn’t go the academic route today and went on a search for a market we passed earlier hoping to find food. Using my keen direction skills (with the use of landmarks) I got us back there where we ate some kind of German hotdog thing. (Descriptive I know) but it man was it good!


We ventured around the market, saw lots of pretty things and then went back on the S-bahn towards our hotel. Dan jumping the gun a bit made mary and I get off on the stop right before ours determined it was our stop. I was right and it wasn’t but lucky for him there was another Giant market that we got to wander around.

Back on the S-Bahn (Dan left us now) mary and I found a “Bubble tea” café (which was yummy!) and literally just sat there doing our thing for a while. We then found a Italian restaurant and got a really cheap dinner (FINALLY) and prepared to go to our concert and then went on the U-Bahn with the rest of the group to Opera house and took pictures all together outside.

The group!


The concert consisted of one piano player and was two HOURS long. Don’t get me wrong it was amazing and he had a ton of talent… I was just exhausted after the day and his melody was soothing me to sleep especially being on the back row of the balcony. After the concert we stepped outside and a cello player and acoustic guitar player were doing classical songs for change outside and it was beautiful. The night was lovely after the hot day (which I have a farmers tan, v neck AND necklace tan lines from… great) and just looking at all the architecture around me while listening was almost magical. We then popped back on the U-bahn to our hotel where I drugged up (still trying to beat whatever this is) and typing this while jealously looking at a passed out mary.

Im a little homesick and miss everyone a lot today.

Hope everyone is well!


p.s. there are freaking pigeon spikes everywhere!

p.p.s. mary and i never made it to the catacombs of paris. therefore we decided the only reasonable fix to this situation would be we will just have to plan a trip to Italy. THANKS DAD : )


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