26 May


So waking up this morning wasn’t terrible and I was thankful that I thought to pack the night before. (during the night mary literally rolled over and started petting my head and face thinking I was her cat because she didn’t know where she was apparently… the sad part was I was too tired to do anything about it and just went back to sleep)  We all met up at breakfast together to eat our last meal. So get this. We are leaving in like 5 mins and all trying to check out and grabbing our stuff. We are all tired at this point and literally divert our eyes for not even a minute and poor christie’s purse gets stolen. Like right off the breakfast table. It had EVERYTHING in it. Her phone, passport, ids, and money. All gone. Kramer ended up staying behind with her to try to get to the American embassy so she could get a new passport. Now even worse news. Its closed for memorial weekend. Really?! So right now they are trying to make a plan for another way for her to get here.

As for us the Paris airport looks lovely but is confusing with the terminal to bus to plane thing and our plane wasn’t even ready like they said and we ended up just sitting on the bus for a bit. Strangely enough I sat beside a guy who is from Virginia and goes to NYU. However, his brother is my year and actually goes to Mary Washington! Andrew Willis (I think) whoever you are I met your brother.


Landing wasn’t bad and the German airport was highly efficient. We got our bags right after getting off the plane and were on our way. On the way to the bus an elderly German couple pulled me aside and gave me 2 free tickets (worth 24 euro each!) to something (I don’t know anything German so I smiled and said Danke and kept walking to the bus).

Talk about culture shock. I have never been in Germany before, know nothing of the language and have no idea what to expect. I couldn’t understand the signs at all and on the way to the hotel we passed a nude park. Hahaha. Our hotel is SO NICE. Its like actually normal sized too  only bummer is… no free wifi so I will have to find somewhere to work. Not to mention. I just found a silver hair. This is not ok people.

Everyone went as a group to the beer gardens near our hotel in a park and had dinner and sat around to talk together. It was a lot of fun and the park itself is SO cool looking. It had lights strung up, picnic tables, and candles etc. we all joked around (and laughed even harder watching professor Blakemore down his drinks with his friends that met up with us today) and continued talking for a while. We then strolled back to the hotel (scanning for wifi with no luck looks like ill be possibly buying 2 or 3 hours of internet) and now just chilling out in our room before bed.

new friend!

Oh and we met the infamous “Sweetie Pie” who is Kramer’s wife. Too bad he isn’t here… WE MISS CHRISTIE.



miss everyone!

p.s. we have no internet service (i bought this hour to catch up) so i will be posting on the last night in Berlin again about my germany travels. so i will talk to you all then! enjoy home 🙂


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