Last Day in Paris

25 May

Due to our outing til late in the night we all decided to sleep in since we were done with all of our Menu items. We woke up and wandered over to our lunch reservations at Willy’s Wine Bar which was recommended by the professors. And now I know why.. it was amazing! In France they have what you call “formula meals” which is you get a entrée, plate, and desert all for one price which would be cheaper then ordering it all separate. Well that’s what we got (I only got the two plate and desert) I had a steak which was delicious and very tender. And for desert a baked apple with spices and nuts inside. YUM.

Being girls and in Paris, after lunch we decided to go looking around and shopping in one of the popular areas by the arc du triumph (or whatever it is) for the afternoon. We saw some really funny and good street dancers and obviously had to get a picture with them.

Later some of us wandered back over to the area by Moulin Rouge and laughed at all the shops around there. (think of the Moulin Rouge and im sure you can imagine what surrounds it).

Then the other two branched off and mary and I searched for dinner. Our last meal in Paris and where did we eat? McDonalds. Just like home  one thing I thought was funny there was they actually have a “mcbaguette” like no joke..

Mary and I were exhausted and I am still sick so we decided to call it an early night and just hangout in our room and collect our things. The other girls decided to go out and we watched them get pretty and leave. I TRIED to do my blogs that night AND I did only for the internet to fail on me not saving any of my new posts.. you can imagine I was thrilled because that was the only reason I was still awake.



Bonne nuit.



Thoughts on Paris:


Mary says: The city smells like body odor, cigarette smoke, expensive perfume and BREAD.  Women wear heeled shoes constantly and everyone wears pointy shoes.  The bread was wonderful I loved the croissants. Versailles was gorgeous, albeit very square-low marks for creativity. Shopping is like a celebration here. They dress as if they are on the runway although they refuse to take off their layers. Its 75 degrees out and they are still wearing tights and jackets and scarves. The city is a darker than London and the metro smells so bad. You see more broken people here than you do in London, both physically and mentally. I loved being able to speak the few statements I learned throughout the city: Hello, sorry I do not speak French. Do you speak English? We went to the Eiffel tower at night and it was stunning! Now we are off to Berlin and I cannot wait for the food. Word on the block is that its phenomenal. We can’t take Kaytlen anywhere because the European boys love her so much! Lets hope it’s the same in Berlin, if only for my entertainment. Au revoir!


Hey guys! So I love Paris but like Mary said its definitely not as light hearted as London. It has a rich history of unrest and the people keep more to themselves, which I think is very often taken as being rude when all they are doing is not jumping for joy that you are American. Mary and I have come across very nice and helpful people here and like anywhere else you travel be polite and they will do the same to you. The metro is very easy to understand here HOWEVER it smells terrible and has a very bad upkeep. Fellow travelers, if you are going to come here be prepared to look good and dressed up everyday. They love their fashion and their layers and if you don’t fit the part trust me you will get looks (Mary and I got some while wearing our sperrys.) Those 3 weeks in French class before dropping out surprisingly helped. Always remember to say Bonjour or Bonsoir when you begin talking to a French native because it will be a sign of disrespect if you do not. At least attempt or ask if they speak English IN FRENCH. Its not difficult to pick up a few terms and they will be grateful for your try. Also other people with asthma be prepared with your inhaler! I haven’t needed mine yet but have come close due to all the cigarette smoking here. Au revoir!


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