24 May

This morning we actually got to sleep in to 8:30! Wooo! We then went on a tour of the Latin district of Paris. It was pretty cool we saw a bunch of cute little restaurants and learned about the university systems within Paris.

After a group of us went to find food (we found a British Pub? That was yummy!) and visited the Cluny medieval museum. It was nice there were stained glass windows from Saint Chapelle during construction and some original statues of Notre dame that were torn down from the French revolution. It was nifty but I think at this point we are all spent on tours that we were just trying to get through it.

After we went back to our ice-cream place and talked (we played questions and it was really interesting and I found out a lot about the group. BONDING!)

Mary and I then, per usual, ventured off by ourselves to look at a few shops. Then originally we planned to head over to the Moulin Rouge but then I was stupid… So I was DYING of thirst and CRAVING a coke. So I found one and was chugging it down on our way to the metro. We board and the doors start to close and in my head im like “I totally have time for one more sip.” Boy was I wrong. The metro lurched forward and coke spills ALL OVER me. Such a hot mess. Mary and I were laughing hysterically while the rest of the French snickered and just continued to watch (more like stare) at us. So needless to say we ended up heading back to the hotel. We changed and went out for a very Parisian dinner; baguette, cheese, wine, and coke. (I had to try again). Then we met up with everyone and caught up about our days and went to search for a particular pub crawl that many people were telling us about. We got there and had so much fun. We met a group of guys from minnasota (they even said it funny!) and canadians. We hung out until late (after the metro) and actually got a ride with the tour guide back to our hotel. (he was from Ecuador, met his girlfriend in New York and moved here to be with her! And also teaches tango. Nifty dude!)

Miss everyone! Bonne Nuit



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