23 May

so i wanted to say I’m alive but have been having terrible internet luck. and i typed up a bunch of posts yesterday only for them all to delete when i tried to post and not save…

so back to day 3

shmeh, felt bad still this morning but gradually was able to get out of my funk thank goodness. Waking up was terrible and we immediately jumped on a bus to travel over to Napoleons Chateau that his wife bought for them. It was interesting for the most part but I was definitely not in the mood to do tours this morning and I feel like the rest of the group was on my level.

the girls in front of Napoleon’s Chateau

After we traveled over to Versailles and instead of doing the large chateau we walked around petit trianon the weekend home of marie antoinette and the gardens.

Marie Antoinette’s little garden town

Gardens at Versailles

it was pretty and walking around the gardens helped because it was beautiful out and maybe i just needed some Vitamin D. Mary and I were pretty much going to kill the tour guide lady. she would not shut up and constantly was talking even on the bus ride over to the place. you can imagine our lovely moods as we got back to the hotel..

we changed and some of us went to a really nice dinner which was yummy and light and then ventured over to Notre Dame to grab ice-cream (WHICH WAS DELICIOUS) and took pictures. really funny actually some mexicans came over and i thought they wanted us to take a picture for them… nope.. they wanted a picture WITH us haha.

after we went to the metro, which no one was in so we took complete advantage of this, and went to the Eiffel Tower!!

Ah its beautiful and i was so happy to be back. we got our tickets (and creepy winks from the security guards) and got in line. We then started talking about groups and somehow numbers came up and we were joking about halts. so of course i took the extra step and was like 3 people and a midget. and then i turn around… what did i see? a short person. of course my luck. i felt terrible. whatever. we got to the top took in the view and took our pictures.

after we started to head down. we took an elevator to the middle level and somehow ended up on the stairs walking down all in the mean time the eiffel tower is closing… we get to the first floor and end up in construction. literally no one is on this floor except for the waiters just getting off work. they call us over and we think that they are going to help us find our way.. nope they just hit on us and make jokes. yea no thanks. we wander around and eventually find the other stairs  and walk down to the first floor. meanwhile poor nicole is suffering from vertigo the entire time.

So you can imagine how happy we are to be on the ground. then we checked our clock and getting lost ON the eiffel tower took a good chunk out of our time and we only had a general idea of the location of our metro and it closed in like 15 mins. so we are sprinting toward the general direction and get very lucky and make the last train home.

we had a great night out 🙂

miss everyone!



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