22 May


I wish I could be like OMG like let me tell you all about my second MOST FANTASTIC day ever. not really the case here. I woke up sick as a dog and literally popped every pill i could t try and feel better to no avail. mary and i had a rough time getting up and sprinted to breakfast and chugged OJ trying to get that vitamin C in to save me. We left the hotel at 8:30 and met up with our guide at Notre Dame.

yea we were struggling..

Same was really nice and knew a lot of her facts. I learned the symbolism of the colors in the stained glass windows and how they save the glass during times of war which i did not learn on my last trip to Paris. However, she almost went into TOO much detail and did not allow us proper time to capture pictures which I didn’t think was fair due to this would be the only time or the last for a lot of the people in the group.

like the only picture i got…

Next we went to Conciergerie. take a little note form me… not worth your time (i was also feeling especially bad at this point like feverish and about to pass out.) BUT nothing inside is original and the stories are not well illustrated or explained, not to mention all the signs are in french only. really grab an english book of the place and learn that way.

the last stop was one i was looking forward to (especially after kyle said he was jealous that  got the chance to see it and not him hehe) which was Saint Chapelle. it was BEAUTIFUL. like amazing. stained glass 360 degrees in the upper chapel allowing light to stream in. however, the guide again was going into too ugh detail and was describing every little thing that wasn’t necessary. not to mention mary and I were actually like dead at this point both giving looks at each other looking for an escape plan. I enjoyed it though and actually was allowed to take pictures! whew!


after the tour (3 terrible hours worth) we went on a wild goose chase to some gluten free (a friend has allergies on the trip) bakery that wasn’t even open and was in ilk paris’s ghetto. my kind of day. then we had thai food which I didn’t like. and then we missed going to the catacombs today because the line was too long because of how long we took 😦 needless to say paris wasn’t being kind to me today.

Mary and I branched off at this point and went on our own merry way. we were both struggling at this point like HARD. we got to our metro and it was there so we ran to the doors. and they bgan to close but opened back up. well i took the opportunity to jump in while at the same time the doors re-shut ON me like squishing me and i was able to squeeze inside the metro only to hear them click and turn around to wave bye to mary as it launched off. LUCKILY we planned for this kind of thing where we get off at the next stop and wait for the other to show up. When she did we journeyed back up to the street laughing because of course that would be us. We then had to do a MENU item (academic choice visits to put in our class journal) and we decided to go to the Musee Rodin a popular french sculptor. it was interesting to say the least.. he definitely had a theme going on with the female body as well as damnation… and we can leave it at that. the Chateau it was located in was amazing. it was surrounded by gardens with beautiful roses and fountains.

the back of the chateau and gardens!

Mary and I then walked up the street and saw the eiffel tower from afar (which we were both excited for) and then found a quaint little pastry shop to grab some noms.


we ventured around the city for a little more before stopping at a car for sandwiches and hot drinks before heading back to the hotel early. (i needed it i was dragging butt at this point.) I got to Skype kyle and my parents which was really nice and have been hanging out with my loser of a roommate since with the other girls.

Bed early for me though!

Bonne nuit!


p.s. mary and i saw some man riding a bike saying bah like a sheep ringing a cowbell.. hello paris.


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