Bonjour from Paris!

21 May

so went to bed early last night… still sucked waking up early today. we woke up at 6:00 and had to be on the bus ready to go at 7:00. we went to kings cross, which was PACKED, and rushed to our train since getting through passport control was so unorganized. Something really cool I think was that we actually traveled on the Chunnel to Paris which is the underwater train linking Britain and France. The first part of the trip was really cool because we got to see the english countryside… as the train sped up and started going in out of tunnels however our ears started popping LIKE CRAZY. it was just all the different pressures. eventually it let up though and I worked on my journals for the “class” haha.


we arrived around 1 today in the GARE du NORD. whats nifty about that is that my dad and I actually departed from this station when he and i travel abroad before. we were welcomed by rain YET AGAIN but i think we are finally getting use to it. I got to talk to my parents which was nice and Now hanging around (WE ACTUALLY HAVE FREE WIFI HERE YAY!) until our rooms are ready before going out and about… first stop food for mary and I. The hotel is adorable its tiny (like mary and i sat on our suitcases to fit in the elevator together because its built for 1 and their luggage tiny). the elevator is actually like.. 2 1/2 feet wide, 1 1/2 feet deep and maybe 6′ 5″? Our room has a great view and our beds like touch and take up the entire room. strangely  enough the bathroom is like the size of the room?

view from room!

after a nap everyone was to meet up in the lobby at 4:30 to talk about the city and go down to the metro to get a briefing about using the metro. We then took it over to Notre Dame where we were left to learn the rest on our own. The girls and I went to a Brassiere for dinner and I got a ham and cheese crepe yum! (similar to all my other ham and cheeses but whatever its good.) and then walked around all the gift shops where I found a cute little card holder which reminded me of princess (miss you pretty kitty) so I obviously got that and a fact about me I collect cats from all around the world. I found a cute little set of cat figurings called “les chats de Dubout” Dubout is a popular french artist who drew these cats that now have figurings to represent them. The rest of the girls decided to head back to the hotel while mary and I decided to stay out and explore like usual. we walked around appreciating all the architecture and found a cute brassiere called La Pause Beaubourg where we both had chocolate and vanilla ice-cream crepes and tea. It was delicious and the staff was very friendly to us and laughing with us trying to teach us the proper ways to pronounce the words.

walking around : )

After we decided to head back to the Hotel but stopped at Notre Dame to get a look at it again. Dad I miss being here with you! we had so much fun on that trip and I’m thinking about you a lot. We then bordered the metro to the hotel. we ALMOST missed our stop again because someone brought their dog in the metro and we were petting on it and started talking only to look up and realize it was our stop. so i like threw myself between the doors to block them from closing and mary ran behind but her backpack got caught. so here we are like laughing hysterically just the two of us me trying to pull her through and her pushing herself out. she was freed and we got some great looks from the rest of the travelers. haha oh well.

Notre Dame!

We are now back at the hotel safe and sound and will soon be going to bed since it seems we will have a busy day tomorrow. (not to mention i have a slight cold… boo rainy weather. don’t worry mom I’m taking care of myself!)

little fact being over here the smog (which is much better then it used to be so imagine) makes it so when you wipe your nose its black. weird huh?

ANYWAYS bonne nuit everyone.



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