Last Day in London! : (

20 May

So last night mary dragged me out again and this time we had a specific place we were going. Since we went out on our own last afternoon we ran into the rest on their way back out. We planned a place where we were to meet up and headed up to our room and change. (granted its 11:45 at this point time will be the essence of this story). Mary and I try to get a hold of them to make sure they were where they said but didn’t get ahold of them and left a little after midnight. We go to the bus stop (tube closed in an hour) and had absolutely no luck. 0 buses were coming to our stop. we were freezing so we decided to hail down a taxi. He was very nice and taught us the word (ratted) while discussing all the drunks around town. We got to our destination, Warwick, and went in to find our friends. they were all MIA. we brushed it off and were like whatever we are out anyways and just danced and enjoyed the time together on our last like free night. We met 2 Irish rugby players who were GIANTS and very funny and friendly and we talked with them for a while. around 2ish we decided that we should go home and go to bed and went to the proper bus stop. we waited for a bit and then boarded the bus. Being the naive losers we are we get into an in depth conversation and COMPLETELY miss 2 stops we were suppose to get off at but ended up by london bridge were we were very comfortable and got at the next appropriate stop and boarded.3:00. Well, we started talking to these two guys (who called Tacos Tekos) and they THEN informed us that the course had been changed due to all the preparations for the Jubilee and Olympics. something the driver DID NOT tell us and then next thing we know mary and kaytlen are in like London Suburbs. We get off and wait for a bus at the stop. no bus. we look for a taxi. no taxi. we are freezing so we walk over to the next stop and a bus came and got us, we were the only ones for a while. We saw 2 foxes and were both trying to talk our selves up (me to take a shower when I got home her to not have cravings for late night mcdonalds) and finally made it to kings cross. 4:00. (btw people are all about the late night mcdonalds here like Fredricksburg! and they have waffle fries here?) we went to a bus stop (both absolutely frozen to the bone now) and after flagging one taxi down (who denied us?) we go to the other taxi stop were we met a student (WHO RUNS TRACK!) who just graduated from cambridge university. and now has a job at a london firm. nbd or anything. we started talking and all figured out we were going to the same location and got a taxi. He paid for the fair and the three of us stayed up talking for the longest time. Talking to him was so interesting and we both learned a ton of information that we never heard before! plus he was able to relate everything to the states and how it compares to give us more of an understanding. He also taught us (and made fun of us) the proper way to say certain things in London. Mary and I soon passed out (understandably) but loving all the adventures we had. Surprisingly we felt completely safe the entire time and knew exactly what to do in our situations. Everyone needs an European adventure and this was ours… we just hope we are done now.


we slept till 12:00 woke up and met up with dan and his friend. We traveled on the tube over to Camden market which was filled with stalls of clothing, trinkets, food, etc. One really cool part about the location was the “rave” store. it was filled with backlight accessories, clothing, paints, really anything you can imagine you would ssh to have at a rave. Another really interesting part was that the location use to be stables and now those stalls are converted to little shops. I found doughnuts, kyle would totally have been making fun of me for my excitement, and oj which both were delicious.

We walked around for a while went to piccadilly circus ( we saw an adorable mouse!) and then traveled over to the British Museum. It was huge and amazing! there were so many different exhibits available. Mary and I went to the nice cafe inside and had “high tea” or the proper teatime 🙂 we received our own teapots, cups, finger sandwiches, macaroons, pastries, and scones. It was delicious!

We walked around to a few shops and headed back to the hotel where we met up with the rest of the girls for our usual damanscan restaurant for dinner and now currently working on journals and hanging in the cafe before an early bedtime. I can’t believe we will be in Paris tomorrow. Time flies when you are having fun! We are all a little nervous about the culture shock and then english to french cultures. I have been there before but that was under the safety of my dad (WHOS BIRTHDAY WAS YESTERDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY! i miss you!) and will be very interested how it feels to be out on my own (and mary of course).  Can’t wait!

Mary says: Hi everyone! (soon to be bonjour soon) 😀 London has been beautiful, but cold. Its been awesome seeing all of the history throughout the city, even the stuff that doesn’t have religious association which are few and far between. Kaytlen has been doing a fantastic job of getting us around to the things we want to do (we mastered the subway system pretty easily. by we I mean her.) The british are so nice they love talk to us and have been so willing to help us out whenever we have needed help. I think my favorite part of being here is how alive the city is at all hours of the night and day. People always have places to go and things to do and they do it all in such style although I have no idea how they afford it-this playground comes with high prices-by the pound…pun intended. Miss everyone and the warm weather  I can’t wait to be in Paris, I might cry from sheer joy. You will probably see that documented on Facebook too Kaytlen’s been awesome about taking and uploading pictures as well as lending me her laptop so I can hack her blog. CHEERS!

Hey guys! I just wanted to say a few thoughts on London as a whole. I LOVED IT. you need to come with an open mind and be ready to go with the flow. Don’t believe what others tell you, English people are very friendly and love to talk to you. They are very polite and are willing to help you in any situation you need. If you are rude or strange to them then of course they will be the same to you. Its amazing to have this deep and rich of a history and we seem as a country to be babies. Its also amazing how the city is always alive with people awake at all hours (trust us we would know) and how you feel safe. No one wants to bother you if you don’t bother them. They all dress very well over here and there seems to be a standard to outfits. Girls if you visit, bring tights, layers, boots, nicer clothes to go out in and be prepared to look nice often. Boys… slacks, nice jeans, button downs, blazers, nice shoes AND MONEY ; ). which brings me to my next point BE PREPARED. its very expensive in london. I have spent a ton and thats really on like food and tours alone. But its worth it. I love all the new knowledge I have and experiences that I only dreamed of. I love being here with mary we get along great and get things done. Its nice because we are similar but different meaning we have the same interests while our personalities compliment each other allowing us to actually organize and see what we want to see. Im having so much fun I can’t believe I’m about to leave for paris! England wasn’t much of a culture shock because they speak our language and are friendly… something tells me Paris will be much different from here. Im so excited for what is to come!

miss everyone.


p.s. Mary and I decided that America is the hipster one out of all the countries. We are young and like to not take part of the “mainstream traditions” that others take part in. We don’t like to join their treaties or do what they say. So technically all you hipsters out there are very patriotic… and if you really think about that i guess you really are not that much of a hipster now are you?


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