Day 5 London!

19 May

SO, last night was so much fun the girls and I went out in London for the first night because we actually got to sleep in to… 8:00 AM the next morning. Sadly that was fantastic news… we decided to just go on the tube and try to find some interesting bars and clubs to check out and we ended up finding 2, the PUNK and Jerusalem (no we were not surrounded by Religious groups). Through the night we danced the night away and had multiple drinks bought for us. Surprisingly everyone was interested in hearing about America and what its like compared to London. Except for some creepy guy the night was great and fun to dance to all the techno music. After leaving the place it was about 2 am and we headed back to the tube…

It was closed.

Then to add to the dramatic effect it started to rain. So here we are scrambling around trying to figure out what to do now. The others were not as good with the maps and routes as I am (not that we all can be perfect like me.. jokes.) but I finally got us in the right direction and put us onto a bus that took us directly to a hotel. Needless to say as soon as our heads hit the pillow we were out.

Other randoms:

Some older man randomly can up to me and was like “I just wanted to let you know im thinking about you… yea im thinking about you.” K no thanks dude.

Also best pick up line of the night from a wing man “is your dad a robber? Because he must have stole those diamonds in your eyes” enter other guy then trying to make fun of his friend.. real smooth kids.


Enter DAY 5


Today was the day of stairs.


Woke up at 8:00 and got breakfast. We met the group at 8:45 and headed on the tube to visit St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Mary and I decided that a lot of the underground stations (especially Westminster) remind us of the capital in the Hunger Games..

St. Paul’s Cathedral was actually very different from the other ones we saw. (where Charles and Diana were married) It was very open on the inside and you can actually see one side all the way to the other instead of being separate by a choir screen. Also originally there was to be no color (until Queen Victoria) and you can really see the stone work and appreciate it for the skill it took to make it. After the tour we were allowed to walk up (all 500+ stairs) to the “Whispering Walls”, the dome of the cathedral. In the dome if two people are on opposite ends and talk into the holes in the wall you can hear each other perfectly. We then continued to the next 2 levels high and higher til we saw a wonderful view of the city. I even got to see the bridge that is destroyed in Harry Potter #6! (which I happily shared with the rest of the group)

St. Paul’s Cathedral

We then had the rest of the day free to do whatever we pleased, and what we wanted most at that moment was food. We ate at Gourmet Burger which was very good but the skinny fries were SKINNY. Like impossible to eat skinny. We went around to a few shops and got onto another double decker bus towards London bridge exit. We got to sit on the top at the front. It was SO FUN and was kinda like being on our own little roller coaster.

At London bridge we went to the Borough market. It is an excellent foodie market with all sorts of options of different cuisines and types of food for you to try. We saw Ice tea (which was delicious) and I bought a caramel crème pot for us to share. It was good, kind of like crème brule not flamed… Mary tried some form of deer jerky (why she did that I have no idea but the strangest part was she actually liked it… weirdo) and we both tried goat milk icecream. Another thing that was definitely different was that we say hanging dead rabbits… just like chilling there. You would never see something like that at a market back home in America.

After the Borough market 3 of us headed over to Tower Hill to take a tour of the Tower of London. The inside was much different then I was expecting but at the same time very cool. It’s a little disappointing how they turned the rich in history fortress into a very tourist central area but still interesting all the same. We went on a “Yeoman Warder” guided tours. The leader was very nice and told some stories I haven’t heard before. Also, one thing I found surprising is that the inside of the fortress is still lived in and is like a neighborhood filled with the Yeoman Warders and their families. After the 3 of us asked all of our million questions (poor man) personally to him and talked about our trip in London so far. The coolest part about this is that he personally invited us to the “Changing of the Keys” which happens Sunday night at the Tower of London. The general public is not invited and the changing of the key ceremony has never been reordered by photos or video. So we get to get a chance to actually witness it for ourselves.

Our guide!

After thanking him we toured the rest by ourselves and saw suits of armor and weapons from all the past kings and queens as well as saw the Crown Jewels!

Our next stop was KINGS CROSS STATION. Like nbd just HARRY POTTER was filmed here. I pretty much sprinted around looking for Platform 9 ¾ and found it. I was so happy. Literally like a dream come true. If only I could have got to the studios.

We got back on the tube where we met some other guys from the states who just got back from Paris and the gave us a ton of suggestions for what to do which we were very grateful for. Also on the tube we actually met one of the physical therapists for the “Futbol” team of Chelsea. (soccer for you non british speaking people) he was so nice and very interesting.

Mary and I then branched out on our own and explored Piccadilly Circus and ate at a very good Vietnamese restaurant simply named “The Vietnamese Restaurant” and headed back to the hotel and café. Walking in here tonight some random guy laughed at me while I walked into the door accidentally pushing instead of pulling and after I went in told Mary that he was in love with me. Oh hey weird London.

Well we are about to get kicked out and I have a feeling I’m getting drug out again tonight.

Miss everyone hope you are well!


p.s. mary and I are mooch and starfish?


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