Day 4 London!

18 May

Finally catching up! so sorry about the delay on posts….

So i finally have gotten use to the whole people actually drive on the opposite side of the street thing. Probably just in time to be hit in Paris… oh well its whatever.

Today we had the morning off and were free to do whatever we liked until 1:15 when we were suppose to meet up with the group for a tour of Parliament. A group of girls and I decided to wake up early and take a double decker bus to Westminster where we then took a guided tour of the Westminster abby.

It was SO INTERESTING! first of all it is the location of William and Kate’s wedding which is super cool to begin with 🙂 Not to mention all of the important kings and queens, poets, important scientists, and much more are buried there of have memorials.. ex. Elizabeth I, Chaucer, and Isaac Newton. Its beautiful with its gothic architecture and ornate decorations surrounding the building. There are tons of spaces and rooms with tombs and rooms dedicated to prayer. like i said I just have no idea how they managed building things like this then!

We left and headed over to Parliament to speak with a liberal Jeremy Corbyn who is an MP of the labor liberal party. he was very intelligent and had many insights on what was going on in different countries. After speaking to him unfortunately we had to wait in the room for an hour and 15 mins til our tour of parliament.. (not well planned out). Parts of the structure day way back in history and interestingly enough Henry the 8th was the last monarch who lived there (tv show tudors anyone?!) The red rooms signify the house of lords while the Green rooms signify the House of Commons. Another cool fact about the tour is I got to step into a room where the Queen isn’t allowed! Charles I got angry because 5 members of the house of commons wrote a document on how England should be ruled different so he stormed in making a scene demanding to see the 5 members. (he was planning on killing then he brought an army with him) He ended up getting stood up to and losing the rights for all monarchs after to enter the Room of the House of Commons. (Fact of the Day!)

all of the girls outside of Parliament!

We were starving after the Tours and went back to the hotel to quickly change and went back over to the Damanscan Restaurant from the first night. Our food was delicious again and got more free Baklava!

Im currently sitting back in my little cafe i found for the wifi and I think I’m getting dragged out with the rest of the girls for a night out in London. Im pretty excited about this we will see how it goes (could be very interesting to say the least…)

Hope you are having a great day!



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