Day 3 London!

17 May

We started the day with another delicious breakfast and met the group at 7:30, 2:30 am your time :(.

By the way a little information about our hotel… our room is TINY but very nice with super comfy beds. And the elevators are SO FAST. Like Ground floor à 11th in like 2 seconds I agree with mary’s statement “Eagle Landing could learn a few things…”

We went on a day trip outside of London to the Canterbury Cathedral. The town around it was really cute mixed with modern and older shops and restaurants. We walked around it for a bit before being let into the Cathedral entrance.

Entrance to the Cathedral

Canterbury Cathedral!

It is HUGE and beautiful. I have no idea how people back then made these wonderful buildings with all the details and no use of machines. (Maybe we should do that still instead of having machines and making terrible boxy modern buildings) The inside was just as perfect and detailed as the outside and our tour guide was very informative. We saw the location where Thomas Becket was murdered by 4 knights of the King, the bible windows, the crypt, and other locations. All I could think of was the story of the Canterbury Tales by Chaucer.

What I discovered most of all during this excursion is… I need to buy a leash for Mary.

We grabbed lunch after in the town and Mary and I found a cute little place simply titled, British Food. I got my first and most likely the last… FISH AND CHIPS 🙂 it was served with peas and “chips” or fries to Americans. It was delicious and I was noming UNTIL I saw the fish skin… I already don’t enjoy seafood (I simply just thought you had to try this meal while in London) and that was the deal breaker. Mary kindly finished my fish as well as her own meal (she is so good to me) and we met back up with the group.

Our next stop heading back to London was Winston’s Churchill’s home, Chartwell.

I don’t know what Clementine Churchill was thinking by not liking the place I thought it was so pretty. The inside was actually quite modern especially for their time and the outside a traditional brick. The grounds were perfectly kept and bright green. Mary and I headed over to the garden and saw all the vegetables and chickens (Mary wanted me to mention the chickens so here they are). We unfortunately were rushed back to the bus and hotel because the driver had to be back at a certain time.

Once home we took a short nap and went out on a search for Indian food. We asked the concierge where we could find a cheaper but good restaurant he gave us directions and we headed out.

When we finally got to our location it was definitely not cheap. We decided to suck it up because we were hungry and went in. We ordered our drinks, water and food. (Mind you we left at 6:30 for dinner) we didn’t get anything til a little after 8:00. We ate our food and didn’t get a check or anything til 9:15. Needless to say we are not planning on going back. The food was good, but no where good enough for that.

(Although we got lovely scented hand towels to wash our hands after the meal and Christie *so sorry if spelled wrong* had a weird obsession over hers and kept it until we left the restaurant… quite funny actually)

We all then grabbed our computers and went to the Costa Café for wireless and hang out while getting work done… everyone else journals we turn in for the trip, me pictures, blog, skype and facebook. Oops. Ill get it done seeing as I’m the one who takes all the notes and actually pays attention for Mary Dan and I.

Good thing Im here or I have no Idea where mary would be… I take her notes, pictures, and make sure she is always where she needs to be. Mother of the year right here. Lets be honest she would miss everything and be lost on the tube somewhere in London. Good thing I like her.

Love this picture of her!


Talk to you all later, enjoy home!



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