Day 2 London!

16 May

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the here and there posts but the lack of internet wifi is proving very difficult.. not to mention my converter ALREADY died 3 days into the trip so my computer died on me. (Luckily I met some lovely people who put up with my messes) also, due to the internet issues sorry about the typos as I know there are many and probably many more to come its just im trying to type quickly because I feel bad for neglecting you.

ANYWHO, day 2 : )

It was so weird setting my alarm for 2:45 am to wake up (and a little disconcerting). My phone did not transfer the times over when I landed abroad so I constantly have to add 5 hours to the clock whenever I look at it. Its always so weird when I have been up and doing stuff for hours and I look at the clock and it tells me like 7:45 am.

We woke up and went to breakfast, let me tell you… European complementary breakfast is NO WHERE NEAR American complementary breakfast. Its delicious, healthy, fresh, and not to mention the array of (not so healthy) pastries. YUM. Beats a stale bagel flies have been sitting on anyday in my book.

We had to meet at 8:45 with the group (WHICH WE WERE ON TIME FOR) for an “Influence of Americans Walking tour” given by our professors. With that title im sure you can imagine my enthusiasm to wake up for this. I was like wtf mate? Im here to do British stuff I left America for a reason, however, It was actually very interesting!

Quick over view of my new found knowledge…

John Adams was the first ambassador to come here and actually had to talk to King George III to be official (talk about awkward), FDR and Hitler have similar parallels to their positions, and there is a building where Texas lobbyists were staying to try and gain independence. AND SO MUCH MORE.

After Kramer kindly (at great length of course) told us about the changing of the guards and the RIGHT way to view it… Right after on our way to see Buckingham palace we got to see the less fancy changing of the guards led by mounted guards. Kinda nifty 🙂

Buckingham palace is under some construction right now preparing for the Jubilee and the upcoming Olympics. This makes it no less impressive though. It’s a brilliant building and all I could think of was… “I TOTALLY SAW PRINCE WILLIAM AND KATE DRIVE AROUND HERE”. Simple mind really.

We ventured to Trafalagar square afterwards and took pictures with the lions and got to see the Olympic countdown (cool right?!) Then we hopped onto the metro and went to Temple where Mary and I found a super cute small sandwich shop (oh hey ham and cheese #2)

We then went on our “Legal London” Tour. Our guide was a man, who closely resembled a penguin, Tom who is a Barister for the London courts. MORE FACTS COMING YOUR WAY: Knights templers use to be super wealthy and their job was to protect the pilgrims on their journeys, Church of England is still mixed within law, there is no official constitution, temple church refuses to fall and has survived (by close calls in a creepy way) from 2 fires and the blitz, and there was no supreme court here until 2010.

Your welcome.

After the tour we went to Old Bank Pub with our professor to grab a drink (don’t worry mother I had hot chocolate.. for now ; ) haha) interesting fact this building lies between Sweeny Todd’s old building and his cohort Miss Lovett’s meat pie shop and supposedly stands above their underground tunnels where they stashed and cut up the bodies. So who wants pie?

thats the Old Bank sign.

We came back to the hotel for a quick stop before heading to dinner in Westchester. After I hurried back to the coffee shop only for my computer to die… 😦

Mary and I thought up a list of what we would like to do and then made our own itinerary for the days to come and PASSED OUT.

Who sets an alarm for 1:15 am? We do. Ew.

Loving London,


p.s. Kramer we have all official decided resembles an intelligent gnome.


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