Day 1 London!

15 May

LONDON IS LOVELY, the flight however…

So here I am on the flight… first of all I woke up early on monday to go to breakfast with kyle so I could see him before the trip and my flight wasn’t until 10:30 that night. (No naps) I get on the plane and where is my seat? dead center of the entire plane no window views whatsoever. i brushed it off hoping i would get to sleep instead of being to busy looking. my luck? of course not. Professor Kramer sat next to me and he is famous for being a talker. like then entire flight kind of talker.. Finally i fell asleep for only an 1/2 hour which obviously would be the time when they served dinner. I missed it eating nothing since breakfast this was not the best move. Proceeded to wake up and get made fun of for passing out by my two professors. The entire flight I kept trying to nap and finally when i was ALMOST asleep some STUPID child decided it was a perfect time to start screaming her head off. Needless to say I got no sleep after that. Longest flight ever. And to top it off it was so windy in london that our landing was TERRIFYING. we bounced around while the plane tilted side to side. I was very happy to have my feet back on the ground after.

Mary and I before the flight were super excited planning everything we wanted to do, after the flight mary and I were walking zombies.

The 5 hour time difference was really starting to hit us especially with the lack of sleep that when we got to the hotel both of us passed out too tired to even figure out the alarm banking on our wake up call for 3:15.

did it go off? no. were we the last ones to arrive and were 15 mins late to meet with the group? of course. it would be us.

We then as a group walked over the the underground where the professors gave us a brief description on what to do and how they work and then left us pretty much saying good luck and have fun. luckily Dan and I mastered the underground art while mary just followed along haha (wasn’t her strong point) First stop Piccadilly! Piccadilly Circus is a stop and a really cute square. As soon as we got off we noted to the first sign of food. not eating in around 24 hours at this point I was STARVING. we ate at EAT and I can tell you now I have never been so happy to see a ham and cheese sandwich.

London greeted us with its traditional rainy weather (exactly what I expected) after we ate it let up enough so we could walk across the street to a really cute market filled with street venders.

Within it there were really helpful friendly people, we met one guy who told us off beat places to go and where to meet locals, and a very creepy guy…

This guy suckered me in to doing a hand scrub and Dan and Mary WHO WERE WITH ME. left me to walk around making me suffer. This guy proceeded to CREEPILY hit on me and asked if I had a boyfriend (which i practically screamed yes to and searched with my eyes for Dan and Mary) the two of then are laughing at me from afar while I beg for them to save me having no idea what was going on. as soon as I washed off my hand i sprinted away and after I told them the story they were even happier they didn’t come over. Jerks.

As soon as we walked out of the market it started to pour no HAIL on us. (what?) and we ran and jumped back onto the metro, which kept telling us like 10 times each stop to MIND THE GAP with a very 1984 big brother voice, and road it to Tower Hill.

After getting off the metro the London Tower was dead ahead. IT WAS AMAZING. i literally danced with joy which mary promptly told me I was embarrassing for (coming from the girl who told me she thinks she was a pidgin in her previous life? loser.) 

Thats the three of us i front of the London Tower. We then walked across the famous London (TOWER) bridge.

Ahh everything is so amazing here Its hard to really take it all in I love the accents especially : ) the actual london bridge is a dink.

After we took the bridge to westminster abby where we got to see the house of parliament and big ben! we went on the London eye after which had amazing views, london/ england is so flat! We got a really good deal on tickets because we scalped them from a very nice man who said he would wait till after the ride was over. On the eye there are actually galaxy tablets which show you the view and you can click on buildings and they give you history and information about that specific building.

After we were so soaking wet, exhausted we just head back to the hotel and met in start bucks to enjoy internet for  like 20 mins before it closed. We wandered around and found a fantastic Damascene Cuisine restaurant where the food was delicious and the staff so friendly that after they found out we were american brought us free smoothies and Baklava YUM.

The shower pressure when we got to the hotel was great and the hot shower felt lovely after the day and when i got out Mary was passed out and I followed suit because we had an early wake up call at 7:45 the next morning.

Great First day!

miss everyone, love K


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